Good news for all those who want to develop their business in Poland.
As you probably found out or will find out, Polish people are not very fluent in English, and in this may cause problems to all those who want to make some business connections here.

P&M Translators may help you, and provide you with:
  • business leads, 
  • making business contacts with Polish companies
  • pass your message to the potential business partners
  • arrange your  business meeting
  • assist you with your business trips 
  • translate your meetings
  • help you move in Polish reality.
Using our services you can feel confident that we will take care of everything you ask, and do it professionally.

If you want to start selling you products in Poland or simply want to localize your website store in Polish, we can help you:
  • register and integrate proper payment systems
  • start advertising campaigns
  • sign up with local comparison search engines
  • rent the warehouses for your merchandise and manage your product shipment
All you have to do is send and email to