Here is a sample list of companies our people have worked for. Please note that due to our unique company structure the company logos that appear here reflect our translators' previous projects performed for large and expensive translation companies. If you happen to find your company logo it means that we employ people who worked for your company in the past (but you had no access to them) and now can make the same job you paid fortune for at 60 to 80% discount :) 

Example pricing difference for 1000 words in one of the cases we know was:

Translation for well known chain store in 2011 EN->PL
Actual paid amount: 1000 words express fee (4 hours) - 0.25 USD per word - 250 USD
Paid to translator: 1000 words express fee express fee (4 hours) - 0.08 USD - 80 USD

The store is in the list and they could save over 60% as we employ the same person here.


We employ only well educated individuals who undergo verification. We guarantee best quality of translation as they have years of experience in the business.