Due to a lot of work coming in and out, and a lot of online projects we have supervised within the last few months, we were unable to finalize this project. However, it is in favour of all those who will be listed here, as we make business contacts, and will probably be able to provide a stream of our happy customers to all those who pass online translation tests in flying colours.

We are entering the final phase of the project maintenance. In a few weeks the construction badge will disappear and we will be ready to start adding translators to the online database.
Please do not apply via email for now, just click the Facebook badge and add us to friends, or just visit the website everyday. If you add us to Facebook friends you will be notified as soon as the database filling process starts.

A few details on being listed in our open database:
- we cooperate only with individuals / freelancers, no agencies will ever be listed as contractors,
- listing is free of charge,
- listed individuals are subdivided into two groups marked by the colour of the profile:
  • red - unverified,
  • green - verified,
Verified users can be featured on the homepage and have their own Blogspot blogs called profiles linked from the homepage, and bearing the graphics of the main page, but in this case monthly fees apply.

What to do, to become verified and trusted P&M Translator:

1. Apply for verification filling in the verification from.
2. Wait and when contacted, provide us with scans of proper documents or notified English translations in case of non-roman alphabet certificates. In many cases we will contact the schools, universities, and other educational establishments in order to authenticate them.
2. Pass an online translation test. You can also provide the results of the tests passed on other portals, then you will not have to take a test, but only a few are accepted, and we will notify you on our decision.
3. The verification process is not an effortless process, so in this case one time verification fee applies.
After successful completion your profile will be changed to verified and added to the listings of verified translators.

For now please do not apply we will notify you on the changes as they come online.