A lot of people wonder how to increase their online sales and presence. Probably the best way is to increase exposure, however achieving it is somehow difficult. Why, you might ask, well it is not enough to market your products globally, set up logistic centers, use SEO techniques, black and white hat tricks, content management, bite our nails, and ... gain 1,8%. There is a time when you have to really face the fact that translation and localization is all you need.

Isn't English enough?

The answer to this question is not obvious. Using English seems like a very good idea when we think of the USA, and the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. We get a large customer base with large exposure to the Internet, which spends money online. But all in all, we get a little more than just 20% of the Internet market share, so localizing is inevitable.

What to localize?

The answer to this question is even more difficult, as we can easily observe that a lot of websites (if they are translated) are localized into English, Spanish, French, and that's it. Is it enough? Are these languages indispensable to increase your Internet market share? The simple answer to this question is T-Index.

What is T-Index?

Some say that statistics are greater kind of bullshit, however in this case it might not be true. T-Index is a statistical percentage demonstrating online market share per country, by comparing number of Internet users with their estimated gross domestic profit per citizen. It was developed by Translated  agency clients to get the best possible return on investment from translations and choice of the languages.


Let us have a look at the first few languages that may support the decision on localizing our website. This list of 6 languages may help you get access to 50% of Internet population.


As you can see the highest T-Index in 2014 was still in possession of the USA, but the trend shows that Internet Market Share of the USA is gradually decreasing. Americans are still great spenders online, but some countries look even better.
Such example is China with 15.3% of market share and growing number of Internet users seems to be perfect localization for your page needs. Substantial growth is still expected, probably after the Internet access is open to masses, which is inevitable.
Among the nations with the highest online spending we can still see Japanese and Germans. Those two nations are here due to the fact they are the richest on the planet. However India and Russia may be a little surprise here. India got to the top due to large number of people constituting their Internet base and Russia is really getting up in the stats.

Anyway, if you are looking for a way to expand your business online adding these translations may give you access to about 50% of global market share. In a few days I will show you how to expand this exposure to even 80%, but in the mean time get your webpage ready and proceed to our online QUOTE FORM.