Introducing English to Kyrgyz translations

We are happy to announce that since November 2016 we decided to extend our offer with new language pairs, and the most prominent change is related to English to Kyrgyz professional translations provided by our brand new team member, Kyrgyz native translator Aizat.

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and largest city
42°52′N 74°36′E
Official languages[1]
Ethnic groups
ReligionIslamRussian Orthodoxy
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
 • PresidentAlmazbek Atambayev
 • Prime MinisterSooronbay Jeenbekov
LegislatureSupreme Council
Independence from the Soviet Union
 • Kara-Kirghiz AO14 October 1924 
 • Kirghiz SSR5 December 1936 
 • Independence declared31 August 1991 
 • Recognized25 December 1991

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