There is no better way to do business then to make it available to as many people as you can. This is
of course obvious rule, which might direct us to countries like China or other huge nations such as citizens of the United States of America. It is not very complicated, just have a look at a list of the largest populations in the world to say ok, successful international business requires Chinese, English, Spanish, and French, German... 

However most people tend to overlook the opportunity hidden in the Middle East, where you can find another huge group of people  you can reach without much investment. It is the group of people who can read and speak Arabic.
Let's have a short look at possible advantages it might bring to your business. 
If you treat the number of people you can reach translating the content to a single language as a factor deciding on, which language to choose, Arabic seems to be one of the best choices. Most of people who use this language can understand most of the universal content, so let's make a practical estimation of the numbers you can technically reach. What you have to be aware however, is the fact, that these people reach the electronic world mostly via mobile devices.

Here is the alphabetical list of the countries we can technically target using English-Arabic translation:

You can potentially reach over 337,5 million people, excluding those who live in the EU, and all around the world. This makes it the third most popular language in the world.

Still thinking why you would want to translate your content to Arabic, when you make up your mind let us know at
We can do it for you at reasonable price with outstanding quality.