Very few translation providers is able to offer native English to Indian regional lanuages translation at competitive rates. It is quite complicated, as it is extremaly hard to find verified translators in so many combinations. However, it is really worth considering translating your content to at least major regional languages spoken in India, as this counrty, its large population, its constant development, and modernization, create unique possibilities to world business.


We cooperate with the team of native speakers of Indian languages and we can provide you with:

English to Bengali        | from €0.05
English to Gujarati       | from €0.05
English to Hindi            | from €0.05
English to Kannada      | from €0.05
English to Malayalam   | from €0.05
English to Marathi        | from €0.05  
English to Tamil            | from €0.05
English to Oriya​            | from €0.05
English to Punjabi         | from €0.05
English to Telugu          | from €0.05
English to Nepali          | from €0.05
English to Urdu            | from €0.05
English to Sinhala        | from €0.05

Areas of Expertise

As to the expertise, we offer a wide range of areas, such as:
science, IT, technical, financial, literary, and many more.

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