My Bio

Hello World! :)
My name is Peter and I am the admin of P&M Translators website.
Let me start by saying I am an average linguist with MA in applied linguistics and some 15 years of experience with translation and English teaching, too.
I was born in Chicago, Illinois in Polish family, but for some unknown reason, possibly patriotic, my father decided to move back to Poland. It was in 1989, so possibly due to the fall of the Iron Curtain.
Since I was 14 I attended Polish schools so my target is Polish, but I know English pretty well. 
In 1990's I completed my linguistic studies and since 1997 have worked as an English teacher and a translator at some local language schools and translation agencies.
It was a fantastic time in the former Soviet Block as a lot of people realized that English is a way to get promoted and earn more, so I had a lot of work then.
The Millennium came with the boom of the Internet, so I decided to go online, and worked for various translation agencies.

Me online

This is quite an interesting subject. Since 2002 I have engaged in quite a lot of online activities. Blogs, shops, high-yield investments, partner programs, sites, etc. I had a quite a lot of time to master my online skills, learn some SEO, and become Interweb conscious.
This helped me with my professional activities as recently most of the translations are website, UI, interface translations in various formats. I am for instance responsible for Polish version of Android 2.0, and some other interesting online projects.