It has taken a lot of time and effort to get to this point, but finally we can say: Welcome to the fully functional P&M Translators website, which looks better, contains our full offer, and enables you to get even more than we ever expected to contain. 


Brand new look

You can easily see it opening the full width parallax design, but the new look and instant inquiry functionality is only a fraction of new features you can expect using our services.

Brand new workflow

We decided to do our best to provide our customers with the most cost effective and efficient workflow that exists. Most of the standard size human translations (approx. 5-8 standard pages long) are covered within 24-36 hours of the order, and availability of the human translators in the pairs is confirmed automatically within seconds of the inquiry.

Multiple language pairs

Our website expanded its offer up to over 300 combinations, including language combinations which are often difficult to find and niche products, available at a very high cost. We have covered all of these inviting over 10 thousand language professionals to work with us and equipped them with tools that promote fast reaction to inquires.

High cost effectiveness 

Our company have employed highest ISO grade quality standards and reduced administrative personnel in order to cut the costs and increase spending on QA, which results in pricing decreased by 20% compared with competitors as well as more money spend on error correction.
Our strict QA policy includes constant evaluation of any work performed by our translators.