This is generally the best place to start the order procedure. Our website features live quote form which enables you to find the price and deadline for your project in multiple language pairs. All you need to do is to count the words in your document. You can use word processor wordcount tool or simply copy and paste your text in the online wordcount tool here to get a result. The instant quote tool on the website will show you the list price for the project and the deadline for it. The price here is the highest possible estimate, so you can be sure it is the most you will pay, and if you are in hurry and cannot find a translator in a unique combination this is usually the best offer you can get. You should not worry though,  and contact us if you are looking for a typical language pair translation. We can offer you special discounts up to 30% off list price in over 50 popular combinations.

Usually within a few hours (most cases up to 60 minutes) we will contact you to discuss the details of the project. After establishing what the project is about, what language pair is involved, what the topic is, we will leave you and contact out translators to check availability and final price. As mentioned the list price is only estimate and in 90% cases it is reduced significantly, so please do ask questions, we are here to answer. When we establish that a given project is feasible for a certain good price we will contact you again with full estimate. We are also open for negotiations, but what is the most important we are open for volume discounts, and recurring customer discounts.


When everything is agreed, we start the payment procedure. Unfortunately, due to the situation online, which is out of our control, we are forced to use advance payment terms. Otherwise we would have gone bankrupt long ago. We have to make sure we will have money to pay our translators for the great job they do. This policy applies to all first time customers and for order quota not exceeding 50k words. Main payment method is instant payment, based the online invoice created in PayPal system. After clicking the invoice e-mail link the user is redirected to the invoice page, where it is possible to pay with PayPal balance or if a user does not have a PayPal account by multiple credit cards available in the country where the payment is made. It is also possible to pay to our SEPA account number, which is provided on the request. This method however slows the procedure down, as we do not commence work until the invoice is paid in full.

After successful completion of the project the client receives the files by email or by link if the size is larger than possible to send by email.